Pay Per Click - A Newbie's Guide to a Successful Ad Campaign

Paid advertising can be a great way to bring more traffic to your website and increase business, BUT it can quickly become expensive if not managed carefully.  In this free 2-hour workshop Becky Hopkin of Digital Gearbox will talk through the different ways you can use paid search to reach your potential customers. 

Becky will share her top tips for running a successful PPC campaign and explain the common mistakes to watch out for. 

You'll also learn what all the different settings mean, how to build and segment your campaigns, and how to write your adverts to engage your target market.   Perfect!

To find out more about Digital Gearbox click here.

To book your place call Chris or Chloe on 01865 893200 or email

Where: Hampden House, Monument Park, Chalgove OX44 7RW

When: Wednesday 3rd May

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

Cost: Free!  We'll even have tea, coffee and pastries ready as well 

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!